Private Golf Instruction

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A golf swing is individual as our fingerprints. Yet, there are similarities in every swing and in every person. Although, what works for one person will not work for someone else. Often a golfer will try to follow a tip, trick, method, video, or book to improve or learn the game of golf.

If you’ve worked with a LPGA Professional Golf Instructor before, you’ll recognize Tracy Minerva’s comfortable, relaxed, and educational teaching style. 


LPGA Professional members are uniquely trained to teach the game of golf through a holistic approach to learning golf and performing on the golf course. This people-centered approach emphasizes the communication skills that allow the teacher/coach to develop relationships built on respect and relevance. The heart of the LPGA curriculum for its members is the LPGA Integrated Performance System (in short, the IPS recognizes the need to blend motor learning and performance concepts with the fundamental biomechanics of golf skills) . This framework for the teacher and golfer addresses the physical characteristics of golfers, their motivation and goals for their game, their equipment and motor learning and control concepts.

The student.

There are two assumptions that are usually in conflict with this method or style of improvement.

First, the author of the tip, trick, method, video, or book assumes that our BASIC golf skills are near perfect in-spite of our individual physical idiosyncrasies (ie. age, flexibility, bad or good knees?  Bad or good insert your individual imperfection)

, seasoned golfers, assuming their swing is based on individual foundations, often strive to swing like we ‘used to’ while trying out these new tips and in the process piling on more golf garbage in our heads. A new golfer often has a plethora of ‘suggestions’ from others that only confuses them.