The Basics - Golf Instruction

Tracy Minerva Golf

YAY! Cooler weather is nearly here!

In a nutshell… Being a part of this program you will have UNLIMITED clinics and up to 4 private lessons a month.  

Please… read on…

Your LPGA Professional, Certified Golf Instructor,
who will coach you to coach yourself.

You’ll learn the skills and practice the basics, the foundation of our golf swing.

If you’re a seasoned golfer or new to the game, we ALL need those basics.

LPGA Professionals members are uniquely trained to teach
the game of golf through a holistic approach to learning golf and
performing on the golf course

Need to brush up on your golf skills?
Brand new to golf?


Without a strong foundation most
methods or tips will not be truly helpful.

Tired of information overload?

Whether you’re a seasoned golfer or brand new to the game,
the foundations always matter.

Sign up for a clinic, free of charge!

Want a golf plan for you that has unlimited clinics
as well as private lessons?
All at a reasonable price?


"As a new golfer...

... and struggling with all aspects of the game, Tracy has helped me immensely! Her expertise has improved my game and her ability to instruct without a lot of technical jargon has made it fun!"
~ S.H.

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